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  • on 07.03.2009
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David Tennant 6

Dr Who David Tennant is not on Twitter!

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  1. Ana says:

    Aww, I wish he did have one. Altho tbh i cant imagine him on the computer XD

  2. Helen says:

    HE doesn’t, but the website run for him does… David_Tennant

  3. betterthanstrawberry says:

    CAN’T HAVE!!!

  4. steph says:

    i wish too i love him so much

  5. martha says:

    i agree with ana! i wish he had one but i cant imagine the doctor having a twitter lol!!! but i love david tennant!!!

  6. Crystine! ;D says:

    Aww why not!!?? lolz
    It would have been GREAT fun! :D
    nahh! It would be hilarious reading his tweets! ;D lolz
    He’d probably get bored w/it STRAIGHT Away!!
    (First tweet)-Hello World!
    (second tweet)- ….BORING! Deleting bye! have fun!HA!


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